Best at the Taipei Building Show

The Best brand was represented for the first time to the most important fair in Taiwan - The Taipei Building Show.  Best’s official distributor for Tawian, Shih Lei, showcased numerous products at the 27th edition of the Taipei Building Show, attracting more than 72,000 visitors for the most part coming from Asian countries.
The booth highlighted the strong link between the Best brand and “Made in Italy”, underlining company and origin recogniton.
Innovative products were exhibited such as the hood model Joint and the Dado Island enhancing the versatility of colours through the unique presentation of those of the Italian flag.  A few design products were also presented such as the Vertigo Double and the Lift, as well as other well-established hoods in this market for their high performance in terms of air flow such as the built-in hood model CK2000.
The great success of the Taipei Building Show reinforces the presence and importance of the Best brand in this geographical area, highly appreciated by the public. 
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