Hood Buying Guide

The choice of the aspiration power of the hood (airflow rate) generally depends on the size of the kitchen and cooking methods. The airflow rate is expressed in cubic meters per hour (m3/h), and indicates the amount of air that the range hood is capable of absorbing when working at the maximum speed.

In order to calculate a suitable airflow rate for a given kitchen, a simple mathematical formula is used: multiply the kitchen dimensions by ten. The result indicates a suitable airflow rate.

Example: if the kitchen is 3.00 meters wide, 5.00 meters long, 2.70 meters high, the calculation will be as follows (3.00x5.00x2.70) x 10 = 405. Where 405 represents cubic meters/hour. In this case a range hood with an airflow rate of 400 m3/h (or higher) can guarantee the adequate airflow rate.

If however fish, fried foods, grilled meats or other dishes which generate a considerable amount of cooking fumes, grease and odors are cooked, it is recommended to choose a hood with a higher airflow rate. Download Best's catalogue and find the hood made especially for you!

Type of installation

  • Downdraft
  • Built-in
  • Island
  • Wall
  • Under cabinet
  • Ceiling
  • Pull out

Ducted or Recirculating Range Hoods?

Ducted Mode

This type of installation provides the greatest benefits for eliminating unpleasant odors. To install a hood in ducted mode, it is necessary to connect a duct from the air outlet of the hood to a wall discharging on the outside.
In addition to expelling unpleasant odors, this mode also allows the air conditioning in the environment to be expelled.

Recirculating Mode

In this mode the hood draws in the air from the kitchen, eliminates grease and unpleasant odors through a special filter and releases it back into the room. This type of installation is much easier as no duct is required.
To ensure proper functioning over time, the user must carry out regular maintenance, such as replacing the odor filter, as well as the grease filter (if synthetic), or washing (if metal).

Air Filtering

Depending on the type of installation, the hood activates different air filtering modes.
A ducted range hood filters only grease generated during cooking through a grease filter, whereas odors are not expelled but discharged outside together with the air drawn in from the kitchen. The grease filter can be of a synthetic material or metal and should be cleaned (or replaced if a synthetic material has been used) on average every month. .


In the recirculating mode, the hood filters grease generated during cooking through a grease filter, whereas odors are filtered through the odor filter. The odor filter, traditionaly composed of activated charcoal, should be replaced on average every 2/3 months.

Remote Blowers

The advantage of a remote blower is to keep at a distance the main source of noise from the hood.

In-line Blower:

the blower motor unit is installed outside the range hood, but still within the house.

External Blower:
  • EMD 950EMD 950
  • EMD 950EMD 950
  • EMD 950EMD 950

the blower motor unit is not only located outside the range hood but mounted on the outside of the house (roof or wall), protected by a stainless steel casing.

Our "Plus" Features



Green Product
High performance and low energy consumption range hoods, with energy efficiency class: A, A+ e A+


LED Lighting Technology
LED (light emitting diodes) technology represents a cutting-edge solution in lighting systems. The main features are very low energy consumption as well as a virtually unlimited lifespan (over 40,000 hours).


Energy-efficient Motors
Range hoods equipped with a brushless motor technology to obtain high performance and guarantee significantly lower energy consumption.


Standard or Rear Exhaust
During installation, this technology allows the positioning of the air outlet in two ways: Standard Exhaust option, the air outlet is located in the upper part of the hood in recirculation or exhaust mode with the application of a visible aesthetic duct; Rear Exhaust option, the air outlet, only in hoods in exhaust mode, is located at the back of the hood in the same opening in the wall for fume extraction, no aesthetic ducts are used.


BEST Silent Technology
Research in the field of motors, fluid dynamics and acoustics has allowed BEST to manufacture range hoods with an exceptionally low noise level, barely audible when working at low speeds, while ensuring extremely high ventilation effectiveness and airflow rate. BEST's hoods, equipped with this technology, are today among the most silent available on the market.


Dual Aspiration
In addition to an opening in the front, dual filtration range hoods also have an opening in the lower part in order to better capture cooking fumes even at the lowest speeds.


Perimeter Aspiration
Perimeter aspiration is a mechanical system whereby cooking fumes, steam and odors from the cooking surface are drawn into the hood through particular airflow collector slots located along the edges of the range hood. This solution creates an aesthetically pleasant effect also in the lower part of the hood by concealing the greasy filters, while still maintaining a high intake efficiency.


Sensor Control
An effective automated system which detects all types of odors, cooking fumes or gas, together with the heat and steam present in the kitchen, by switching on and adjusting the range hood in order to remove or expel them. Very convenient for home automation enthusiasts, this device can in any case be disabled by the user at any time, switching back to the manual control mode.


Delay Timer Control
Available on several models equipped with electronic control, this feature when selected will automatically turn off the range hood after five minutes. The various aspiration speed levels are adjustable for maximum comfort, the range hood will turn off after having effectively purified the environment.


Remote Control
The remote control is an accessory which nowadays has become essential in any home. BEST's remote controls feature advanced technologies and design allowing the user complete and remote control of the various hood functions.


Automated Movement
The aspiration part of the range hood features an automated movement, allowing an overall reduction in its dimensions.


High Efficiency Charcoal filter
High efficiency charcoal filters that ensure hight performance in terms of odor absorption.


High Efficiency Grease filter.
High efficiency grease filters that ensure the capturing of up to 96% of emitted grease vapours and particles..

Anti-Fingerprint AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Ensures brightness of steel and protects it from unpleasant fingerprints and marks.

Adjustment of Light Intensity
Allows light intensity to be adjusted as needed.

Chromatic Adjustment of Light
Can choose LED color temperature ranging from warm white light (2700K) to cool white light (6000K).

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