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The range hood was initially conceived as a low-cost household appliance, which gradually developed reflecting the styles and trends of the furniture industry worldwide. Undoubtedly Best has had the merit of evolving a technologically simple product into an industrial appliance in terms of design and quality.

For its ongoing research in industrial design and style, Best has won 13 international awards.

Main Technological Innovations

High Efficiency Motors

Our motor division has recently developed innovative solutions to apply to traditional motors in order to obtain energy efficiency class A. This technology goes hand in hand with Best's brushless motor allowing an energy saving of up to 80% and energy efficiency class A+.

Best Silent Tech

We have always been in the forefront of new technologies to reduce the noise level of hoods, and Best Silent Tech represents the state-of-the-art in the development of silent range hoods.

The Best Silent Tech system allows an extremely high airflow rate (up to 800 m³/h ), noise levels virtually inaudible at low speed levels and extremely low at normal operating speed levels. This technology allows a noise reduction of over 13% compared to a traditional system.

Sound-absorbing material combined with a wave grease filter, provides a large filtration area while ensuring a reduced overall dimension. Take, for example an airflow rate of 300 m³/h, the noise level generated by a hood featuring Best Silent Tech is only of 39 dB(A) that is: the audible silence of a library.

Advanced Sensor Control (ASC)

The Advanced Sensor Control is a fully automatic operating system of the range hood. Thanks to sophisticated sensors and to a special mathematical algorithm, the hood detects cooking odors, turns on and adjusts itself automatically to the speed most suitable for proper aspiration.

The user interface control of the ASC system allows the hood to switch at any time from automatic to manual mode, thus temporarily excluding automation.


A very important function of the hood, in addition to purifying the air, is that of adequately lighting the cooking surface.

Various technologies are used to produce quality lighting: from simple incandescent or halogen light bulbs, to the innovative LED lighting, which ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption. For example: from 40 watts of two normal halogen spotlight bulbs versus 5 watts of two LED spotlight bulbs.

The use of the LED lighting technology has a further important advantage: its lifespan. LED spotlights in fact can have a lifespan of 40.000 hours, thereby reducing the maintenance costs of the hood.

Control Systems

We use multiple solutions to control the operation of our range hoods. From the most simple slider control to the most sophisticated electronic control and signalling systems, up to real "artificial noses", able to detect a wide range of odors and, therefore, automatically control the functions of the hood (power, adjustment, switch-off).

Each type of control ensures the correct running of the blower of the hood (and therefore of the airflow rate), the lights that illuminate the cooking surface and any other addtional functions.

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