We are committed to ensuring that our products are the best the market can offer, often being the first to introduce significant innovations in terms of energy saving.

In addition to having introduced LED lighting technology for the cooktop, our motor division has recently developed innovative solutions with application on traditional motors in order to obtain energy efficiency class A.

This technology goes hand in hand with Best's brushless motor which guarantees energy saving of up to 80% and energy efficiency class A+.

Etichetta Energetica

What is energy efficiency class?

Starting in January 2015, domestic range hoods must carry an energy label, which clearly indicates the main features of the appliances, thus facilitating the choice at the time of purchase.

At present there is an energy efficiency scale ranging from A+ to F, although efficiency requirements are already imposing manufacturers to review the minimum limits, gradually excluding the less efficient products from the market.

Regulation Reference: DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) No. 65/2014. The Directive does not provide for the labelling of hoods operating only in recirculating mode.

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