Code of Ethics

On January 27th, Best adopted the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, thereby approving an organization, management and control model (Model 231) and appointing a Supervisory Body with the task of monitoring the implementation and compliance with said model.  
Specifically, the Company has also adopted a Code of Ethics, an integral and substantial part of the Model, a charter of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical and social responsibilities of all those working on behalf of the Company. Furthermore, said Code of Ethics is also consistent with the provisions of the Code of Ethics issued by the  parent, which represents a guide to company policies and to the legal requirements that govern the conduct of the group companies worldwide.
With these tools, Best wants to prevent irresponsible or illegal behavior of those acting in the name and on behalf of the Company, as it introduces a clear and explicit definition of the ethical and social responsibilities to the various internal and external stakeholders. 
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